Vocab words - cocinar- to cook ganar- to win sacar- to take...

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-AR Verbs List 1 hablar- to speak trabajar- to work madar- to swim preparer- to prepare llegar- to arrive cantar- to sing inviter- to invite List 2 buscar- to look for bajar- to go down explicar- to explain continuar- to continue enseñar- to teach entregar- to turn in reservar- to reserve necesitar- to need pasar- to pass time ayudar- to help gritar- to yell List 3 mirar- to look at desear- to wish mandar- to send llorar- to cry terminar- to finish cenar- to eat supper llevar- to wear, carry llamar- to talk on phone asistar- to attend -ER Verbs beber- to drink comer- to eat leer- to read querer- to want creer- to believe responder- to respond recoger- to gather comprender- to comprehend correr- to run -IR Verbs vivir- to live ir- to go venir- to come dormir- to sleep descubrir- to discover abrir- to open dividir- to divide decidir- to decide decir- to say, tell
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List 4 caminar- to walk viajar- to travel entrar- to enter tocar- to play instrument
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Unformatted text preview: cocinar- to cook ganar- to win sacar- to take out torar- to take, drink comprar- to buy limpiar- to clean fumar- to smoke List 5 visitar- to visit copiar- to copy manejar- to drive contestar- to answer estudiar- to study escuchar- to listen esperar- to wait pagar- to pay cortar- to cut practicar- to practice List 6 celebrar- to celebrate decorar- to decorate bailar- to dance montar- to ride regresar- to return preguntar- to ask patinar- to skate dibujar- to draw empujar- to push aprender- to learn poner- to put, place esconder- to hide vender- to sell saber- to know prometer- to promise ser- to be escribir- to write recibir- to receive cubrir- to cover describir- to describe frer- to fry sufrir- to suffer subir- to rise up permitir- to permit...
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Vocab words - cocinar- to cook ganar- to win sacar- to take...

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