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An example of an animal that uses body temperature as a parameter to maintain homeostasis would be a lizard. One way that a lizard maintains homeostasis is through the process of conduction. Conduction is the direct transfer of heat b/w two objects that are in contact w/ one another. So a lizard w/ a high body temperature may jump in a puddle of colder water in order to lower its body temperature. Another process that a lizard goes through to maintain a stable and safe homeostasis is radiation. Radiation is the emission of electromagnetic waves by all objects warmer than absolute zero. This includes the interaction b/w the lizard, its environment, and the sun. This occurs when a lizard sits on a rock and absorbs radiation and heat from the sun in order to raise its internal temperature. Lizards can also go through a process known as evaporation. This happens when there is a removal of heat from the surface due to a loss of liquid becoming gas. This could happen when a lizard sweats some of the liquid out of its body. When this
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