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APBiology- Essay 03-27-08 - a Ingestion is the act of...

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a) Ingestion is the act of eating, and digestion is the process of breaking down food into molecules small enough for the body to absorb. Sponges are filter feeders, which means they ingest by trapping food that passes by with water through their body, and they contain special compartment that separate the food from water. Cnidarians are suspension-feeders that sift small food particles from the water. Chordates are bulk-feeders, meaning they eat large pieces of food that is broken down by their body. Sponges digest their food by a process called intracellular digestion. This is the joining of food vacuoles and lysosomes to allow chemical digestion to occur within the cytoplasm of a cell. Sponges digest their food ENTIRELY by this process. Most animals, including cnidarians and chordates, digest their food by extracellular digestion, which is the breakdown of food outside the cell and within compartments of the body. Cnidarians use a gastrovascular cavity, which includes a digestive sac with a single opening.
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