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APBiology- Earth's characteristics 01-08-08

APBiology- Earth's characteristics 01-08-08 - found in...

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Edward Lee Wells, Jr. 01-09-08 3 rd period Earth’s Characteristics 65 million years ago present Ocean temperature decreases, causing plentiful marine life. 145 66 245 146 362 246 Pangaea existed as one supercontinent. Climate changes, such as glaciation and finally widespread desertification are linked to the tectonic assembly of this supercontinent. First mammals existed. 439 363 The first tetrapods came about. 540 440 Environmental changes allowed plants and animals to exist on the earth’s land and water. 2000 540 Additional O 2 in the atmosphere caused the rusting of terrestrial rocks rich in iron. This addition allowed eukaryotes to exist. Later in this period, an ice age occurred. 3500 2000 The planet is now able to support life. Prokaryotes now inhabit Earth. Early fossils are
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Unformatted text preview: found in stromatolites, which are fossilized mats similar to layered microbial mats that certain groups of prokaryotes still form today in salt marshes and warm lagoons. Researchers have also discovered fossils of prokaryotes in Australian sediments that formed around hydrothermal vents. Hydrothermal vents are hot volcanic outlets in the deep-sea floor. 4600 3600 Earth forms. “Big Bang” theory a possibility. The planet was bombarded by huge rock bodies left over from the formation of the solar system. During this period of bombardment, the pounding generated enough heat to vaporize all the available water and prevent seas from forming. Earth’s crust began to solidify....
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APBiology- Earth's characteristics 01-08-08 - found in...

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