final!!!! - From Exam 1 The chemical formula for ozone is O...

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Unformatted text preview: From Exam 1 The chemical formula for ozone is O 3. Ozone is important to life on earth because it blocks much ultraviolet radiation. The fundamental unit of life is the cell. A species is a group of similar organisms capable of interbreeding. Alexander Fleming noticed that bacteria growing on a plate of agar did not grow next to a mold that was growing on the same plate. He wrote in his laboratory report: the mold may be producing a substance that kills bacteria. This statement is described as a hypothesis. A world wide decline of amphibians is due to no single factor. For a hypothesis to be scientifically valid it must be testable and it must be possible to reject it. After observing that fish live in clean water but not in polluted water, you make the statement, polluted water kills fish your statement is an example of a hypothesis. All living organisms obtain energy from external sources. Heterotrophs cannot obtain their energy from sunlight. When biologists organize species into groups, they attempt to do so based on evolutionary relationships. Earth is approximately 4 billion years old. You observe that cryptically colored caterpillars are more abundant in a particular area in your garden. Based upon this observation, you begin to wonder why this is the case. You propose that these caterpillars have a higher survival rate due to their ability to blend in with their environment. Your proposal would be considered analogous to forming a hypothesis in the hypothetical-deductive approach. Plants are eukaryotic, multicellular photo synthesizers. The domain Eukarya includes protests, plants, fungi, and animals. Metabolism is all conversions of matter and energy taking place in an organism. The key purpose of experimentation is to test predictions from hypotheses. The smallest chemical units of matter are molecules. Scientific hypotheses are not true. The hierarchical order of the units of life, from simple to complex, is atom, molecule, cell tissue, organ, organism, population, community. The smallest entities studied by biologists are molecules. If you arranged the units of life in the table below into a hierarchy, from smallest (least inclusive) at the top to largest (most inclusive) at the bottom, which unit would be found three levels below a fish? Organism community molecule Atom population organ Tissue cell biosphere *biosphere In multicellular organisms, cells of specific types are organized to form tissues. Scientific hypotheses are not true. The initial accumulation of oxygen in the atmosphere was the result of photosynthesis from an organism most like modern cyanobacteria....
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final!!!! - From Exam 1 The chemical formula for ozone is O...

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