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memoir paper - CLINICAL DESCRIPTION Marya Hornbacher...

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C LINICAL LINICAL D ESCRIPTION Marya Hornbacher suffered a great many distressful symptoms, both psychological and physical, during her life. She in fact still suffers to this day, but has learned to control and deal with these difficulties. Her problems have ranged from bipolar disorder to substance abuse; yet in her written memoir, Wasted , Marya Hornbacher specifically focuses on her struggles with Anorexia and Bulimia. Her struggles with eating disorders began at the age of 9 when she first began to engage in cycles of bingeing and purging. During episodes of bingeing, she had no control over her eating. She describes herself as being in a dissociative state during her binges, as if she had not control over herself, and was essentially “watching herself” binge from a distance. Her binges would include an enormous amount of food, consumed during a very limited time interval. She recalls a time while she was attending the University of Minnesota when her parents went away on vacation and she was home alone. In the period of one evening, she had eaten essentially everything in the house, and had to go shopping in order to restock the pantry and refrigerator. She engaged in a number of behaviors to rid herself of the large amounts of food eaten (a “purging” behavior). At times, she would purge through self-induced vomiting. Vomiting would be induced either through the use of ipecac or by simply inserting her fingers in her mouth to the back of the throat. She also had a history of using laxatives as a method of purging. She progressively began to engage in episodes of bingeing and purging more and more frequently after the onset of these symptoms. What once was a weekly habit began to occur several times a day, even while still in elementary school. Hornbacher also seemed to suffer from an intense overemphasis of body size and shape in assessing her self-worth. She persistently evaluated and judged herself through her physique. This method of evaluation became especially severe during her years at Interlochen Arts Academy, where there were a number of other extremely thin girls for her to judge herself against. These symptoms combined complete the necessary diagnosis of bulimia nervosa according to the DSM-IV-TR. She notes that she had met the full diagnostic criteria for bulimia nervosa by the age of 11. As she continually began to engage in episodes of bingeing and purging, she noted a tendency to become disgusted with bulimia, and that the idea of starving oneself (instead of bingeing and purging) intrigued her. She
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became anorexic by the age of 15 while attending Interlochen Arts Academy. She continued to struggle with Anorexia through the following years, even while attending American University in Washington DC. During these years, she persistently met the diagnostic criteria for Anorexia Nervosa according to the DSM-IV-TR. She continually failed to maintain a weight that was greater than 15% below her ideal, healthy weight. In Washington DC, her weight reached an all time low of 52 lbs.
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