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Summer 2008 Experiment #9 - Distillation and GC Guidelines Pre-lab guideline (I) On-line Technique and Resources For This Experiment Distillation chromatographic methods ( II) Periods 1 & 2 prelab 1. Title of the experiment, date, etc. 2. Reference to procedures 3. Procedure in Flowchart Format (for the entire experiment ). Make sure you reference the procedures 4. MSDS data for toluene and ethyl acetate. Include product name, Chemical Formula, Formula weight, Melting point or Boiling point and Density (if a liquid), Spill and Disposal procedures (summarize in your own words). 5. Complete questions #1 and #2 in period 1 & question #1 in period 2 under prelab assignment on pag 105. 6. Data and observations (due at the end of each lab period). Sketch and label the distillation set up in your lab notebook. Record the temperature at which the first drop of condensate forms and the temperature ranges over which each of your fractions distilled. Record the gas chromatograph instrument setting used to obtain your chromatograph
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This note was uploaded on 08/27/2008 for the course CHEM 14CL taught by Professor Henary during the Summer '08 term at UCLA.

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11Reportguidelinesfordistilaltion_GCExpt - CHEM 14CL...

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