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CHEMISTRY 14CL SUMMER 08 ALDOL CONDENSATION (SYNTHESIS OF DIBENZALACETONE) PRE-LAB REPORT Guidelines 1. Introduction : In this section outline the goal(s) of the experiment as well as the experimental techniques that you will be using to purify and isolate the desired product(s). 2. Prepare a half-page flow chart of the experimental design; indicate on your flow chart a time plan for the experiment that will allow you to complete the work in 2 hours. Be sure to use the time the reaction is stirring for other activities. Make sure to reference the procedural steps in the lab manual. 3. List the equipment that you will need to have on hand for each step in the procedure for period 1. 4. Provide MSDS information for the following chemicals: Benzaldehyde & Acetone You should record the following MSDS information in your notebook for the chemicals
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3ReportGuidelinesforAldolcondensation - CHEMISTRY 14CL...

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