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Chem 14CL Summer 2008 Report Guidelines for Experiment #10 The Oxidation of Borneol to Camphor Note: The Experimental Procedures for this Experiment are provided as a Handout, Which Will be Handed out in Lab. Pre-lab Report Guideline (i) Title of the experiment (ii) Introduction – outline the techniques (including any synthesis, purification and identification) that you will be using in this experiment. (iii) Procedure in Flowchart Format ( for the entire experiment - except for the section on optical rotation ) (iv) Reference of the experimental procedures (v ) Pre-lab exercise questions #1 to 6 ( refer to the experimental handout ) (vi) Pre-lab exercise questions #1 & 2 (refer to you lab manual – page 108) You can use FOUR different sites within the MSDS on the Web for question 1 of the pre-lab. (refer to the MSDS handout for more details) Note: web site for MSDS is http://www.msdssearch.com . Click on “DB” o start using the MSDS database.
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