Winter in the Valley - Art H 112 Edward Willis Redfield's...

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Art H 112 Edward Willis Redfield’s Winter in the Valley There are a large amount of landscape works of art and each of these attempts to elicit a verity of emotions. From awe inspiring to a feeling of serenity these works of art have been done in some form or another throughout the different eras of art. Edward Willis Redfield’s Winder in the Valley , an impressionism work of the late 1800s, uses a generic scene to bring a realistic sense of bliss and calm. Redfield uses a small, trafficked town at what looks like early dawn to illustrate the peace right outside our own frost covered windows. During this time period most Americans living in the North Eastern United States resided in such communities. This was a time well before urban sprawl, favoring dirt paths versus concrete super highways. While it may already seem a simple and mundane lifestyle, this was Redfield’s audience, so the viewer must take this into account to appreciate Winter in the Valley ’s intended effect. Redfield’s use of the impressionism style is true to form, using large brush strokes, focusing on the larger picture at hand. When the viewer tries to walk up to the painting and focus on a certain aspect said viewer might find themselves needing to back away to reorient themselves to what they are actually looking at. These brush strokes, at times, can be as large as a finger nail, blurring fine detail and sending the viewer back out to observe the artists intended purpose. While many will equate a barren field or a calm lake with
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Winter in the Valley - Art H 112 Edward Willis Redfield's...

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