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Bio Pl 240 Fall 2007 Measuring Biodiversity I What do we measure ? A. Genetic Diversity B. Species Diversity C. Ecosystem diversity - Diversity of ecosystem types, habitats and the ecological processes within each II Measuring Species Diversity A. Species Richness- number of species in an area B. Species Abundance- relative numbers among species- relative abundance C. Taxonomic diversity-taxonomic relationships among different species D. Generally see greater species diversity in equatorial latitudes, declines towards poles. E. Keystone and indicator species are critical.
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Unformatted text preview: III Measuring Extinction Rates A. 3 types of Extinction 1. Local Extinction- species no longer found in an area, but still exists globally 2. Ecological extinction- so few members of a species exist it no longer plays its role in ecosystem 3. biological extinction- species no longer found anywhere B. Species /area curves- 90% loss in area results in 50% decline in numbers of species C. Population Viability Analysis- Risk assessment analysis to determine persistence of a population D. Estimates of Minimum Viable Population E. Minimum Dynamic Area-...
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