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mat-asn-hwk1-spr02 - discusses checkpoints and the...

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Name: Section: On-Line Homework 1 Velocity I Assignment Due:Wednesday 8-27-2008 Internet Problems The questions in this section are to be answered on the internet. Reading Assignment From: Section 3.3 Position and displacement To: Section 3.6 Position and Displacement On-Line Homework Problem 1.1 [2 pt(s) ] Make sure you understand all of the checkpoints and the self-quiz in the reading. There will be a quiz, after you have had time to ask questions. Now, answer the following question. Even if I missed it before, I now have looked and found the note about how to use this book to study, which
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Unformatted text preview: discusses checkpoints and the self-quiz. (It comes right after the self-quiz. This is about as strong a hint as you can get that you NEED to do this. There is only one right answer to this question.) Select One of the Following: (a) Yes (b) No On-Line Homework Problem 1.2 [2 pt(s) ] The magnitude of the displacement vector can be greater than the distance travelled during some time interval. Select One of the Following: (a) True (b) False 1...
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