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Bechard Essay # 4 - Outline A.) Into Paragraph and Thesis I. Thesis – America was formed on the core assertion of freedom; freedom from racial prejudices, freedom from segregation, and freedom from inequalities. B.) “The Cult of Ethnicity” – Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. I. Ethnic and Racial Conflict II. What is an American? Compare Contrast Authors views ∙ Common Culture ∙ Unifying ideals ∙ New American nationality III. Creation of New Identity – American Identity ∙ Immigrants get assimilated…George Washington ∙ Unified Ideals III. Appeals to Logos ∙ He uses logic to convince reader Unchecked Separatist Tendencies ∙ Ku Klux Klan ∙ Afrocentric C.) “A Tapestry of Hope” – Jeanne Houston I. II. Scared of Immigrants: ∙ Making America to diverse
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Unformatted text preview: III. Focus on Culture Understanding ∙ Don’t go back to separatism or segregation of ethnicity III. IV. C.) “What the Indian Means to America” – Luther Standing Bear I. The Real American Identity ∙ American Indian ∙ New American Nationality – Not American Indian? ∙ Immigrants assimilate into American II. The Illusion of the “Indian Problem” III. The New American Identity? ∙ State the differences in views ∙ Freedom – Not the Indian ∙ Equality – Not the Indian ∙ Racial Prejudices – Not the Indian IV. Indian Identity – American Identity ∙ Two very different Identities ∙ American not America to the Indian? ∙ Compare Hughes views with the Indians...
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