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midterm - David Bechard English 111 Mr Shager And I'm...

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David Bechard English 111, Mr. Shager And I’m Watching It All From My Window By Chinaka Hodge Chinaka talks about the similarities of kids from today and from her childhood. Growing up in the San Francisco Bay Area, Chinaka had always been raised by her teachers, friends, and family members to see her potential and a passion for living. She didn’t have to worry about selling her flesh to feed her baby or if her parents could make rent that month. Humble, would be the best word to describe Chinaka Hodge. Chinaka knows she’s a select few of the students who get to pursue happiness. She also knows that her peers can strive for the same accomplishments. Watching from her windows, she likens herself with the kids walking down the street. Remembering the times when she too would talk about who was pregnant and who had gotten shot. When she had gotten older and a different perspective, only then did she realize the depth of the situations she had, so easily joked about as a kid. Chinaka had seen the hope and self worth of the kids
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