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Essay #5 – Expository Analytical Argumentative Essay “Injustice” by David Bechard English 212 #8 Professor Janice Wehner 11-16-04
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Injustice is that feeling when you’ve been discriminated against or had anything unfair in terms of religion, gender, age, or ethnicity happen to you. In time most people have experienced an injustice in their life. Discrimination against gender is one such type of injustice experienced by many in the work place. How can one feel like an injustice has happened to them? The feeling is one of discrimination. Most people ask the question of, "Why is this happening to me"? Well, Anita experience discrimination in the work place. An injustice occurred when Anita experience the lack of promotion due to her gender.(Anita) She had been working for a financial company for some five years and had never been promoted. The many positions she had applied for ended up going to other less qualified male co-workers. When she had discussed it with her supervisor, excuses where given and sometimes the idea of gender discrimination was plainly denied. They used the fallacy of false dilemma when stating the reasons why she hadn’t been promoted. She believed there was one more plausible reason why she hadn’t been promoted, which was being a woman in a male dominated office environment. She didn’t take the company to court but, after years of working there, eventually quite. Gender discrimination has been an issue since the women’s right to vote movement. Susan B. Anthony is a great example of how a firm belief of an incurred injustice
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Essay5 - Essay#5 Expository Analytical Argumentative...

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