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Bechard Essay #3 – Expository Argumentative Essay “War on Terror” by David Bechard English 212 #8 Professor Janice Wehner 10-7-04 1
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Bechard Did America take the right steps after September 11 th , 2001? As you read this paper keep that question in mind. That question is the basis of the war on terror. How you answer that question puts you in one of two categories about the War on Terror: Agree or disagree with the war. I believe America is safer now because of the actions taken post 9-11. I think the war on terror has been a success in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The positives of the war on terror are the eradication of terrorist threats, a safer America, and rooting democracy in the Middle East. The fact is that terrorist attacks have been eliminated in the U.S. since September 11 th . The president must be doing something right with the war on terror to achieve this success. His actions have created a safer America and world. Because of the attacks against al-Qaeda in Afghanistan the country is no longer a harboring place for terrorists. Oct. 9 th Afghanistan will be holding political elections. President Bush called the elections, “A beacon of hope for the Islamic world”.(Bush para 3) I believe this is the first step to achieve a stable and peaceful country. The actions that President Bush took against al-Queda in Afghanistan released the country from its terrorist strong hold. Without those actions the elections would never be possible. I asked an SVSU student, Josh Hazard, what he thought about the actions the U.S. took against Afghanistan. This is what he said, “Agree because it was in retaliation against Osama Bin
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Essay3 - Bechard 1 Essay#3 Expository Argumentative...

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