ch3eeeeeeeeeeeeee - a C=O double bond. If the starting...

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Alums are double sulfates of a monovalent and trivalent cation Aluminum metal dissolves in strong acids, also dissolves in strong bases At low temp, alum is less soluble than either potassium sulfate or aluminum sulfate FALSE: the temp at which alum is crystallized should be above 20 degrees C to insure the max yield of product. 039 In organic chem, reduction often refers to the addition of atoms of hydrogen across a multiple bond. One mole of NaBH4 can reduce four mole of vanillin. The product, vanillyl alcohol, is isolated by crystallization and vacuum filtration. FALSE: the infrared spectrum of the product will show absorption due to the vibration of
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Unformatted text preview: a C=O double bond. If the starting materials are used in the quantities prescribed by the exercise, the limiting reagent in the reaction will be vanillin. HOUSEHOLD CHEMICALS FALSE: the flame test allows the differentiation between all of the substances used in the exercise. FALSE: five 20mg samples of the unknown need to be weighed individually on the top loading balance to perform solubility tests. Carbonates, eg CaCO3 or NaHCO3, are expected to generate a gas upon the addition of vinegar. pH paper is useful to distinguish between properties of aqueous solution. The water solution is used to determine solubility reactivity w/ iodine....
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ch3eeeeeeeeeeeeee - a C=O double bond. If the starting...

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