Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

four types of authority express authority agent

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Unformatted text preview: wledge of the facts underlying his statements! (You need to responsible for the people you hire, don't hire people who are going to talk shit!) In the past Texas law used to require that the person be a speaking agent...now just has to be someone who is an employee and makes a statement that is related to the course of his employment (not simple water cooler gossip) Question here were his injuries inflicted by wolf bites or not? (seems like the answer is no) Beef here is that the trial excluded three pieces of evidence as hearsay, that the appeals court said qualified as admissions under paragraph d. o First two statements, this boy Poos, who is the employee, writes a note to his superior, Sophie bit a child and then orally the same thing...Sophie bit a child admissible under 801(d)(2)(D) and passes 403 o Discussion in the board meeting about Sophie biting the child not admissible under 801(d)(2)(C) but doesn't pass 403 o Note: These are statements of fact Sophie bit a child...as opposed to statements like...
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