Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

if witness doesnt have opportunity to explain or deny

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Unformatted text preview: s that would indicate bias] Facts/Procedural Posture: Bank was robbed by a man dressed as a woman. Sole identification witness at trial was Priscilla Martin who testified that on April 22, while passing on a bus, she observed a man she identified as appellant walk down the steps of the Salvation Army and touch the door of the bank. Miss Martin first learned of the robbery on a week and a half before she telephoned in. Martin had been acquainted with appellant for a number of years. On cross-examination defense counsel question Martin as to whether she had ever had any trouble with appellant or any arguments or disagreements with him, and specifically whether she had ever accused appellant of fathering her child and failing to pay child support. Martin denied the charges and denied that appellant visited her in the hospital after the birth of the child. Martin also denied the she confided in appellant's mother that she would take revenge on appellant for not owning up to the child. Appellant sought to introduce testimony of Mrs. Harvey who would have testified that Mrs. Martin accused appellant of fathering her child and refusing to...
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