Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

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Unformatted text preview: henticating Writings: 901(b)(1) Authenticate a writing through person of knowledge; landlord says that's the lease that the tenant and I executed, I was there. 901(b)(2) LAY handwriting identification, interesting phenomenon...shows how low the threshold is. Minimum familiarity is sufficient! Very easy burden to be meet! Going to get to the jury! Bare testimony that this is such and such's handwriting will get it into play. 901(b)(3) Comparison with exemplars; may also be used with real evidence...not just writings (some expert compare hair found on the crime scene with hair samples of the accused) Texas differs here: Federal Rule exemplar only need be authenticated supported by evidence sufficient to support a finding that it is genuine; does not require that the court actually find the exemplar to be genuine Texas Rule - governing authentication by comparison with an exemplar or specimen, requires that the exemplar be found to be genuine! 901(b)(4) circumstantial, writings that were found at the guy's campsite, his dog's n...
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