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owners manual couldnt have affected the issue on

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Unformatted text preview: , Wilson's lawyer spoke to a juror who said that another juror owned a Vermont Castins stove. Juror w/ stove told the other jurors of her personal experience with the stove, including that she had to leave the door open to start a fire. She told the jurors that the stove came w/ a manual and that she had read the manual during the trial to see if there were any warnings. The juror indicated that she would not modify her behavior even if there was a warning on the stove. Issue: Was the juror's statement that "she would not modify her own behavior even if there was a warning on the stove" extraneous prejudicial information within the meaning of rule 606(b)? Holding: The juror's statements regarding her own conduct were not extraneous prejudicial information: o Statement was an opinion as to the effect of the nonprejudicial extraneous information (the contents of the manual) on her views If the district court had considered her statement, it would have been the equivalent of inquirin...
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