Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

plaintiff objects o federal rule objection

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Unformatted text preview: mination FRE 611(b)] Facts: Baby has 367 blood sugar reading. Doctor misdiagnoses the baby as diabetic (malpractice...don't diagnose diabetes based on one reading) Doctor slams the baby with 15 units of insulin (way too much insulin for a 4 month old baby under any circumstances)...blood sugar plummeted and the baby had seizures resulting in cellular death in the brain. Procedural Posture: 9 witnesses testified on the causation question, and testified that the baby's seizure and the consequent brain damages were not caused by the incident in question but rather some congenital anomaly. (seems skeptical...right after he got the shot is when he seized). Appellants presented testimony of a doctor to describe their son's normal development during early pediatric care, his condition at the onset of seizure activity, and other details of his stay in the hospital. Early in cross of the doctor, appellant objected that the cross was exceeding the scope of direct and the court said: "I have the right to permit inquiry beyond...
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