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901b4 circumstantial writings that were found at the

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Unformatted text preview: t it like you could with an ax, than you have to do a chain of custody. UNITED STATES v.OLSON [Authentication and Identification Real Evidence, Chain of Custody: FRE 901] Facts/Procedural Posture: Olson appeals his conviction of first degree murder. Government introduced various physical evidence, including a number of bullets, taken from the body, and a number of cartridge cases found at the scene of the crime. In a witness' opinion, several of the bullets found in the victim's body were fired from the pistol seized from the home of defendant's mother, and three others could have been fired from that pistol. Because of the death of the Agent whom sent the bullets to the crime laboratory, there are unavoidable gaps in the chain of custody of the bullets and bullet fragments. Issue: D contends that the trial court erroneously admitted the bullets and bullet fragments (obtained from the scene of the crime) despite the government's failure to adequately establish a chain of custody for the items. Holding: The trial court did no...
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