Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Appellants expert witnesses showed that bendectin can

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Unformatted text preview: nd the handwriting examples that Paul provided. The jury was free to conduct its own comparison and reach its own conclusion re: the author of the extortion note. Notes: Question of qualification: Ziegler is clearly qualified Fallback position of the defense is at least let us present Professor Denbeaux to testify to what he has learned with the handwriting in order to rebut the prosecution's handwriting expert's testimony...and the court says Denbeaux isn't qualified. All Denbeux has done is read a bunch of literature of studies done by others and synthesize it, he is NOT a handwriting expert. He has no qualifications. Wellborn says this is a little harsh but oh well. Question of amenability: Does there exist a body of useful specialized knowledge with respect to the fact in issue? Because courts have received handwriting expertise as acceptable evidence and the FBI has created a special course for it, the momentum of this type of evidence as expert testimony is too hard to overcome. KEY! Note 2 (pages 421-422): Collection of s...
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