Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

At trial albert lowe a firefighter who had worked

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Unformatted text preview: . Brown never gave the gun back and federal officials confiscated it after Brown offered to sell to an undercover agent. Procedural Posture: Government charged Monteleone with disposing of a firearm to a convicted felon. At trial, Albert Lowe, a firefighter who had worked with Monteleone for almost twenty years, testified that the defendant possessed a good community reputation for truthfulness and lawfulness. o Truthfulness important to this crime did he give the gun to his half brother or was he really just having him take it to get repaired? During cross-examination, the prosecutor inquired whether Lowe had heard that Monteleone had previously perjured himself before a federal grand jury. Court voted in favor of conviction. Monteleone appeals claiming that the district court committed error by allowing the Gov. to pursue an inappropriate line of questioning during cross. Issue: Was it appropriate for the government to ask Monteleone's character witness about previous uncharged offenses? o Albert Lowe testifying that the defendant possesse...
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