Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Bad faith state of mind of listener the company o in

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Unformatted text preview: ude the D's offered testimony that a woman had told him shortly before the homicide that his wife had had sexual relations with two other men. o Shown in this case to show that D may have acted in sudden passion not shown to prove the truth of the matter asserted (whether D's wife was actually cheating.) Example: Words that establish notice or knowledge where notice or knowledge of a person is relevant. o Testimony "that Dr. Stanek had been told by someone in the operating room that the sponge count did not come out right." o Testimony that motor vehicle inspector told Ds prior to accident that car's tires were unsafe not shown to prove the truth of the matter asserted ( that the tires actually were unsafe...just going to show that Ds had knowledge that they might be unsafe and therefore might be guity of contrib..) Example: Statements that tend to show that a party acted in good faith or bad faith o In case for fraudulently selling orange juice as "pure" with knowledge that it was adulterated with sugar; proper to admit as nonhearsay scientific test reports by customers showing sugar, which were presented to defendants,...
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