Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

But the limited admissibility of the corporate

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Unformatted text preview: ophie but a child that came into our back yard. All has been taken care of. I need to convey what happened to you." o D objected to the admission of this note; sustained Later that day, Mr. Poos found his boss and told him what happened: "Sophie had bit a child that day." o D objected to the admission of this statement; sustained Meeting of the directors of the wild canid survival and research center was held a few days later but Mr. Poos was not present at that meeting. Lots of discussion took place about the legal aspects of Sophie biting the child. Plaintiff ordered an abstract of the minutes containing that reference. o D objected to the admission of the minutes; sustained. Issue: Trial court excluded the note, the statement, and the corporate minutes (statements were hearsay). Jury brought in a verdict for the defense Should Mr. Poos' note, Mr. Poos' statements to his boss, and the meeting minutes have been excluded or were they admissible under any hearsay exceptions? Holding: Mr. Poos' note admissible under party-opponent agency exception:...
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