Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Contradiction simply means offering evidence either

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Unformatted text preview: ce that impeaches a witness' capacity is NOT collateral. (like bias or interest) o If you ask her these questions, isn't it true you did all these wacko things if she denies it, you don't have to accept it (you can bring in extrinsic evidence!!) o Reason: Like bias/interest this is much more probative for truthfulness if the jury finds that these things are true these are going to have a devastating effect on her credibility unlike the "truthfulness" evidence in Gustafson (might still credit a witness who has had some problems with telling the truth or stealing but when their capacity is completely limited it's totally different.) Main Point here: Evidence of defects in capacity of a witness in not collateral! Can be proved through extrinsic evidence. Don't have to accept a witness' answer that she does not suffer from a psychiatric illness that affects her capacity to tell the truth!! Notes: Distinguish Lindstrom from Sassa: In Sassa the trial court refused to permit cross-examination of prosecution witness about her psychiatric treatment for depression and use of anti-depressive medications following her involvement in a fatal automobile accident This does not bear on capacity!! Has nothing to do w/ whether or not she can be trusted to recall the events correctly!! Note 4: Drug or alcohol use merely because you have b...
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