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Even if the photocopies are considered to be

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Unformatted text preview: iting, the content of which is sought to be proved in this case. o Example: Defendant, a federal employee, had submitted travel expense vouchers accompanied by photocopies of altered charge card receipts. The photocopies were "originals" in this context, since they were the writings actually submitted by defendant for reimbursement. (United States v. Rangel, see below) o Example: "What is an original for some purposes may be a duplicate for others. Thus a bank's microfilm record of checks cleared is the original as a record.. However, a print offered as a copy of a check whose contents are in controversy is a duplicate of the check." FRE 1001(4): Duplicate A "duplicate" is a counterpart produced by the same impression as the original, or from the same matrix, or by means of photography including: enlargements and miniatures, or by mechanical or electronic recording, or by chemical reproduction, or by other equivalent techniques which accurately reproduce the original. So if it's a mechanical reproduction it's a duplicate, if it's manual in anyway it is not!! Duplicate: Any mechanically created reproduction is...
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