Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Ex case of robbery assaulted someone in course of

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Unformatted text preview: action, "intrinsic, "inextricably intertwined" Prosecution is entitled to tell the story of the charged crime as it went down, and that may in the nature of things, mention other crimes, not that they didn't bother to charge but could have charged but there is nothing wrong with that. Ex: Case of robbery, assaulted someone in course of robbery, can bring that in...maybe he drove recklessly when he left...can bring that in, maybe he disobeyed orders from law enforcement...can bring that in. Because there are so many of these same transaction uncharged crimes there is an exception to the notice requirement for same transactions in Texas law! o Federal rule doesn't include exception for same transaction in the federal rule, but the advisory committee note says if it's same transaction it's not: "other" therefore you do not have to give notice. YOU HAVE TO ASK FOR NOTICE TO BE ENTITLED TO NOTICE! Have to ask are you going to offer any uncharged acts? A good criminal...
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