Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Explicitly permits a party to impeach its own witness

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Unformatted text preview: g into the effect of extraneous information on a juror, which is prohibited by 606(b). Court may only make an objective assessment of the effect of the extraneous information on the hypothetical average juror. o As already concluded the extraneous information in the manual was relevant only to defect, a point on which Wilson won. (so no prejudice). (Juror's consulting the manual was extraneous prejudicial information, but its consideration did not prejudice Wilson. Because there was no evidence in the record that Wilson ever read her stove manual, this information was not relevant to causation. the element which Wilson lost on) Notes: (Vays v. Delavars) General rule a juror may not impeach her own verdict. But there are two exceptions: o Outside influence means tampering....we do want to know if the jury has been bribed or threatened o Extraneous information Texas rule: Extraneous information not permissible...only improper outside influence is permissible juror testimony. KNOW THIS!! (Newspaper articles, personal in...
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