Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Hillmon doctrine allowing state of mind statements to

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Unformatted text preview: law cannot make a person's state of mind an element and then deprive a person's of that state of mind.. Here, nobody's state of mind is a necessary inquiry if we are going to hear about it..it's totally optional. Plus, it's not an endpoint Late 19th Century, Kansas, young man with a young wife. He doesn't really have much going on. For some reason they purchase three life insurance policies from three different companies (all out of state). o Plaintiff's version: Hillmon decides he wants to go into the ranching business, so he takes his buddy Walters, and they go off to travel around the Midwest looking for a sheep ranch. Plaintiff's version says they were camped at a place called Crooked Creek. Says they were unloading the wagon and a rifle accidentally went off and killed Hillmon. o Defendant's version: Hillmon isn't dead, this is a scam. The guy buried at Crooked Creek is not Hillmon, but rather is Walters. Brown and Hillmon went to Wichita looking for someone to be the dead Hillmon, met Walters and asked him...
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