Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Holding from consideration of testimony of the

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Unformatted text preview: You can study up in anticipation of the litigation w/ voices. Not okay with handwriting. Authentication and Identification Photographic Evidence GENERAL NOTES: A photograph may generally be authenticated by testimony that it is a fair and accurate representation of the actual scene or event. It is not necessary that the photographer or any person who saw the making of the photograph testify! Weird! A motion picture or videotape may be authenticated on the same foundation as a still photograph. FISHER v. STATE [Authentication and Identification Photographic Evidence] Facts: Appellant and her two daughters employed by a grocery store in Arkansas to clean the store Manager and owner of store had installed a video tape camera on the premises for surveillance. Tape caught appellant and her two daughters taking seven bags of groceries. Procedural Posture: Appellant argues that the trial court erred in admitting in evidence the video tape recording. Prior to trial, trial court conducted a hearing on the appellant's motion in limine which sought to preclude the State from admitting the video tapes. State presented evidence that the videotapes had not been tam...
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