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Holding tenants statement to p was not inadmissible

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Unformatted text preview: red in evidence to prove the truth of whether or not Mr. Schaffer was a drug dealer. HANSON v. JOHNSON [Verbal Acts/ "Operative Fact" = nonhearsay statements] Facts: P owned and leased a farm to Schrik under a written lease, terms which gave plaintiff 2/5 of the corn grown. Tenant gave a mortgage to D bank on his share of the crops. Tenant's mortgaged property was sold at auction by the bank with the tenant's permission. P claims that he owned some of the corn sold and therefore that it was converted by defendants. Procedural Posture: P testified over the objection of hearsay that when the tenant was about through husking corn he was on the farm and the tenant pointed out the corn in question and said: Mr. Hanson this is your corn. Court refused to permit defendant to prove what the tenant told bank officials at the time of the sale as to who owned the corn. Issue: Was the tenant's statement about what corn was Mr. Hanson's inadmissible hearsay? Were the tenant's statements to bank officials as to who owned the corn (at the time of sale) inadmissible hea...
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