Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

If the evidence had been probative the judge should

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Unformatted text preview: see that Kotsimpulous lost his job? If the evidence had been probative, the judge should have admitted it! 402 holding: Question: Did Carver do an event? Did Carver frame Kotsimpulous by placing the pork chops in his car? Does this information tend to make Carver framing Kotsimpulous more or less likely?? o If Kotsimpulous' evidence goes towards Carter's motive to frame him, it would seem that it does tend to make more or less likely a fact of consequence! o Problem here not only is there not evidence of opportunity, all the evidence seems to render opportunity impossible all under surveillance. Because Kotsimpulous' movements are being watched, then if Kotsimplous were to have been part of some complex framing, wouldn't Carver's actions been noticed? OJ Simpson hypo How the hell was Mark Furman, just a detective, going to get together samples of the blood of three people and pile them up in all of these different places! o Evidence of motive (calling OJ an n'a) does not give probative value when everything in the pi...
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