Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

In motion for new trial plaintiff stated that mr

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Unformatted text preview: cations plaintiff was transferred to another hospital where both legs were amputated above the knee. Exception to 411: ownership or control most impermissible use is that involved in this case Procedural Posture: Trial resulted in jury verdict for D. Plaintiff offered testimony of Dr. Lichtor who testified as to his opinion of the requisite standard of care defendant should have used when treating the patient and concluded that the defendant had been negligent. D offered testimony of Alder, an attorney from Kansas city area, who testified that Lichtor's reputation for truth and veracity was bad. Alder testified that he did some defense work in medical mal cases. Stated that some of his clients in those cases were insurance companies. Plaintiff's counsel asked him to name some of those companies and defendant objected to the relevancy of the matter district court refused to allow further questioning on the subject of insurance. In motion for new trial, plaintiff stated that MR. Alder was employed in part by the same liability carrier who represented the D in this action. Issue: why these witnesses dangerous:...
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