Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Intent element requires the government to prove that

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Unformatted text preview: ts to report that she traveled in August 1992 to San Antonio for a company purpose Mills actually went to her high school reunion in Alabama and did not return on flight back from San Antonio Convicted and sentenced for false statements Claiming that she did not know the information was false and did not intend to make a false statement Intent element requires the government to prove that Margie wrote the false information on the manifests knowing it was false and intending to make the false statements. Procedural Posture: District court admitted evidence that in 1993 Margie concealed from customs inspectors a purchase of jewelry subject to duty. District court claimed the evidence was admissible under FRE 404(b) because it showed Margie's "propensity" to conceal facts and thus was relevant to her intent. Margie appeals Issue: Was it improper for the lower court to bring in evidence that Margie once lied to custom inspectors with respect to a purchase of jewelry? Holding: The evidence was not admissible under 404(B)....
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