Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Main point in order to admit otherwise inadmissible

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Unformatted text preview: hether one of the poultry houses will be rendered useless as a poultry house by it's proximity to the proposed highway. Witness was a real estate appraiser who based his opinion on a number of factors Issue: Was it error for the trial court to refuse to allow appellant to go into the basis of the witness' opinion? Holding: The trial court erred; should have allowed the witness to disclose the basis for his opinion because they were of a type "reasonably relied upon by experts in the field" Witness is a real estate appraiser by trade so might ask the question here: The sources of information that this guy consulted, is that the type of information that he would consult if he were giving an opinion to the bank? The answer is yes. Then his opinions are admissible! Logically you can elicit otherwise inadmissible answers on direct to show the opinion, (i.e. hearsay) and that means limited admissibility for whatever it is worth (instruction to the jury, this guy's statement about what Mr. Chicken told him are not admitted for the b...
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