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Mule being represented by a very expensive attorney

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Unformatted text preview: n eavesdroppers to testify (you have a right to prevent ANYone from testifying about a confidential communication) so when an unknown eavesdropper is around it depends on the circumstances whether or not the spousal privilege is waived. (Ex: Loud parking lot argument = not privileged if someone overhears, but quiet bedside conversation when your room is being bugged = privileged if someone overhears.) CONSTANCIO v. STATE [Spousal Privilege Confidential Communications] Facts: Appellant convicted of rape and two counts of the "infamous crime" against nature. Former wife of appellant was permitted to testify, over objection, that during their marriage appellant often had a difficult time getting hard. Procedural Posture: Appellant objected to the admission of this testimony, on the theory that sexual behavior during marriage should be classified as communication protected by the spousal privilege. Issue: Does "sexual behavior" constitute "communication" as required by the spousal privilege? Holding: "Sexual behavior" does not constitute "confidential communications" between hus...
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