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Must show that o the original is in possession of a

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Unformatted text preview: ven the circumstances. UNITED STATES v. RANGEL [Best Evidence Rule Originals and Duplicates: FRE 1001(3), (4); 1003] Facts: Rangel Government employee Went on trips for work Submitted three different vouchers to the E.P.A. requesting reimbursement for lodging costs incurred in conjunction with the business trips. In each instance the photocopies submitted to EPA showed greater lodging expenses than did the merchant copies. Received $53.59 in excess of his actual lodging. Procedural Posture: Rangel challenges the admissibility of the customer photocopies because they are not the "original" altered receipts and therefore did not constitute the "best evidence." Issue: Were the photocopies of the altered receipts admissible? Holding: Photocopies were admissible as originals: It's the original of what Rangel submitted to the government it's the fraud, it's the document at issue in the case. "The government had to prove the contents of the photocopy of the altered receipt since the photocopy, not the altered receipt, was identified as the document Rangel had submitted to support his demand for paym...
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