Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Not a question of intent clearly intended to sell the

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Unformatted text preview: ere supposed to be delivered to other people is admissible. He claimed that he didn't intend to steal the silver dollar that he just found it in his car.....(intent was in issue) Needs to be a case where intent is the element in dispute!!! Arkansas case selling drugs to someone, can't bring in evidence of previous uncharged drug sales! Not a question of intent, clearly intended to sell the undercover cop the drugs! Not a case about intent! Question is did he do it? Was it him? Question of identity! Reason that the intent exception does not swallow the rule is because it must be used only when the defensive theory is lack of specific intent for the crime!!! Can be shown where it is possible to perform the crime w/o the specific intent (I was going to turn in the silver dollar...I didn't know I took the gum out of the store etc.) "He has this intent when he does the specific behavior this time, therefore when he does this specific behavior another time he likely has the intent at that time as well.&...
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