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Note concept of cumulative should not be employed to

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Unformatted text preview: e government had earlier introduced seven documents from Bejar's earlier deportation that would strongly tend to prove he was an alien. Note: Concept of "cumulative" should not be employed to interfere with a party's right to present a persuasive case. For example, evidence that is corroborative of a defendant's testimony should not be excluded as "cumulative." UNITED STATES v. JOHNSON [Is the evidence unfairly prejudicial? FRE 403] Facts/Procedural Posture: Johnson convicted on three counts of making and subscribing false and fraudulent corporate income tax returns for two corporations that he controlled. Only charged with tax fraud making false statements on tax form. Johnson objected to the fairness of his trial because once the tax evasion charges were dismissed he was prevented from introducing evidence to establish that during the period in question, he actually paid his taxes by neglecting to make permissible deductions. Because he was tried only for willfully making false statements on his and his corporations' tax returns, the judge ruled his tax liability or overpayment was irrelevant. On appeal, Johnson argues tha...
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