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Notes black and white bunny rabbit tactic sounds

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Unformatted text preview: uestion was 403 balancing test. o Even though the court believed that in identity cases the prejudice is apt to be relatively greater than the probative value, in this case the court found that the evidence of the little black and white rabbit incident admitted for identity purposes did not create undue prejudice, confuse the issues, or mislead the jury. Notes: Black and white bunny rabbit tactic sounds unique therefore, the perpetrator of that offense and the perpetrator of this offense is likely the same guy. o Not necessarily a unique tactic anymore thanks to the internet...these guys give each other tactics organize... o So therefore, instead of having one eyewitness we now have TWO making this I.D. that was the guy who asked ME to look for a black and white bunny rabbit. But there is a problem of suggestibility of children....best defense is to try to develop that when the child was questioned, it was suggested to her that Whitty was the perv...and you could easily imagine that being done with both children. Comm...
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