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Notes general objections are never preserved need to

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Unformatted text preview: limine...can always say, wait till it comes up at trial, then we will take the jury out and talk about it! Depositions: Objections to the form of questions are waived unless made at the deposition. All other objections, such as the competency of the witness or the competency/relevancy of the evidence are reserved until the deposition is offered at trial. Objections and Motions to Strike Specificity Requirement There are four aspects as to which an objection may be wanting in specificity and may therefore be inadequate to protect the rights of the objector: Grounds o An objection only preserves the specific ground or grounds named: A so-called "general" objection such as o the notorious "irrelevant, incompetent, and immaterial" preserves no ground for appeal, except perhaps the ground of total irrelevancy to any issue in the case. IMPORTANT KNOW THIS: Since an objection only preserves the specific grounds named, if an objection naming an untenable ground is overruled, the ruling will be affirmed on appeal even though a goo...
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