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Notes government wants to pin on morgan every pill

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Unformatted text preview: pponent Adoptive Admission [FRE 801(d)(2)(B)] Facts: Morgan found guilty by jury of possessing phenmetrazine with intent to distribute. Officers obtained a warrant to search for illegal drugs in a single-family dwelling, stating that a reliable informant had advised a detective that a black male known as "Timmy" was selling drugs from inside the house. When the officers arrived at the house to execute the warrant they did not find Timmy but instead came across appellant who grabbed some pink pills from his pocket, threw them on the floor and started to mash them. Procedural Posture: At trial, the gov sought to connect appellant not merely with the pills seized from the floor in the hallway but also with a bunch of pills and money found in the basement. During the trial defense counsel sought to establish that Timmy, Mrs. McKnight's son, lived in the house and was selling drugs. Counsel proffered as evidence of this fact the statements made by the informant to Detective Mathis that are contained in the affidavit suppor...
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