Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Of course if you accepted his story there is no

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Unformatted text preview: quot; Doesn't require us, along the way, to make any inference about the person's character. Why is the evidence about his prior kidnapping and sexual assault of Van Metre admissible in this federal case? Because required element is that when he took custody of her in his car, he had an intent to do her harm Specific requirement for kidnapping. Of course, if you accepted his story there is no kidnapping, just murder (and thereby, not capital murder.) Physical part of crime is undisputed (he took her across a state line)...question is the mental part: did he intend to do her harm when he took her across the state lines?? o Yohe incident is evident of his intent to sexually assault her when he took her across state lines. o We know he had nefarious intent with Yohe, therefore in the case of Blake he likely did as well. Why is the evidence about his arraignment to murder Yohe probative? Probative that he was trying to eliminate a witness....though Yohe escaped from Van Metre, her testimony sh...
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