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Office zinselmeier testified that he had spoken with

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Unformatted text preview: ame were mentioned in them..can be inferred that they were his. 901(b)(8) Ancient documents (connects with hearsay exception 803(17)) If you establish that the thing is fair on its face, it's in a proper place, and more than 20 years old, that's all you need to get it into authentication and the statements can be used for their substance!!! UNITED STATES v. MAGNAN [Authentication and Identification Writings: FRE 901(b)(3) Comparison with specimens that have been authenticated] Facts: Mangan = Irish American who worked for IRS and learned the tools of a good scam Would file returns of fictitious tax payer w/ a fictitious social security number. Eventually connected Magnan with these phony returns, signed with phony names in Magnan's handwriting. Procedural Posture: Government's handwriting expert compared the handwriting on the fictitious return forms to: two of Frank's federal income tax returns and forms contained in his personal file. Issue: Was it an abuse of discretion for the judge to permit the tax returns and the forms in Magnan's personal files to be used as exemplars? Holding: Was not an abuse of discretion; evidence was suffici...
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