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Procedural posture wilson had never read or seen the

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Unformatted text preview: t to the jury's attention. Texas does not allow this!! Rule 606(b) restricts the roles of jurors in attacking (or supporting) the validity of a verdict or indictment. By limiting the ability of jurors to testify to an inquiry into the validity of a verdict, the rule reflects a desire to protect jurors and promote the finality of judgments! Juror testimony during trial (606(a)) Does not prevent a juror from being questioned on voir dire or by the court during trial concerning attempted tampering or other such matters. Inquiry into validity of verdict or indictment Scope of prohibited inquiry 606(b) specifically prohibits a juror from testifying to: Any matter or statement that occurred during the course of the jury's deliberations The mental processes by which the jurors arrived at their decisions The effect that anything had on the juror's or other jurors' minds or emotions. Affidavit by the juror as to any of these matters Evidence of any hearsay statement made by a juror as to any such matter Note: Does not disqualify the testimony of a non-juror who possesses personal knowledge of juror misconduct (Records of club at which jurors had got wasted held admissible). Exception Extraneous prejudicial information and outside influences (may be testified to) Extraneous prejudicial informati...
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