Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Statement by sexually abused wife to doctor

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Unformatted text preview: shop was admissible for the limited purpose to show that he intended to go to the shop to help Norton." o "But the second factor communicated that Bailey was going there because Norton had called and asked him to come clearly states a fact remembered which is specifically excluded from the exception." Notes: This case seems to indicate that maybe courts are going to do more redacting out of statements, censoring out any of the statements that had to do with memory. Statements for Purposes of Medical Diagnosis or Treatment [FRE 803(4)] FRE 803(4): Hearsay Exceptions; Availability of Declarant Immaterial. The following are not excluded by the hearsay rule, even though the declarant is available as a witness: Statements for Purposes of Medical Diagnosis or Treatment. Statements made for purposes of medical diagnosis or treatment and describing medical history, or past or present symptoms, pain, or sensations, or the inception or general character of the cause or external source thereof insofar as reasonably pertinent to diag...
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