Evidence-Wellborn SU2006 Outline

Statements by an accused that were taken in violation

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Unformatted text preview: evant to the merits of the case on its own but is solely relevant indirectly because it has something to do with the witness's credibility!! (that is part of what collateral means, but it turns out there are things that are deemed non-collateral even though they only bear on the credibility of the witnesses...but they are deemed non-collateral because they are so probative). Striking example bias, or interest of a witness is not collateral...even though it involves assertions about the witness that have nothing to do with the case. Whereas alleged acts that aren't criminal convictions about untruthfulness in the past...those are collateral... Impeachment of Witness: Prior Inconsistent Statements FRE 613 FRE 613: Prior Statements of Witnesses a) Examining Witness Concerning Prior Statement. In examining a witness concerning a prior statement made by the witness, whether written or not, the statement need not be shown nor its contents disclosed to the witness at the time, but on request the same shall be shown or disclosed to opposing counsel. b) Extrinsic Evidence of Prior Inconsistent Statements of Witness. Extrinsic ev...
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